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IVA-VAT: 01366870093

Baxin Pastry makes and shipping his biscuits, made with ancient recipes and simple ingredients since 1933. His first ancient shop is located in Liguria, Albenga, Italy.

BAXIN classic:

The Classic Baxin are biscuits that born from an ancient recipe, around 17th century. They contains fennel, sugar, flour, honey, milk and lemon arome. No eggs or butter. Simply and genuine! You can eat in various mode, with tea, soup, etc.!  For a better conserve, store the baxin in a box or nylon package.

Baxin Coloured:

Any colour has different aromatic taste. Try it!

Avaiable now: chocolate, vanilla+cacao, strawberry+chocolate, lemon, blueberry, orange, apricot+grape, coffee, pistachio, banana, green tea, and more!

ingredients: FLOUR 00, sugar, honey, lemon, MILK, raising agent, anise.

Ingredients aromatized: FLOUR 00, sugar, honey, lemon, MILK, raising agent, soia oil, food couloring E100, E133, E172, thickener E1520.


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Nutritional information typical values per 100gr

Valore energetico/energy : 299 kcal  1251 kj

Proteine/proteins: 8 gr

Carboidrati/Carbohydrates: 55 gr

di cui zuccheri/ which sugar: 28 gr

Grassi/Fat: 2 gr

di cui saturi/which saturated: 0,00 gr

fibre/fiber: 0,1 gr

Sodio/sodium: 0,01 gr

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